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Move from England to Portugal to Germany in 5 years

During the last couple of years I moved from London, England to central Portugal and now I live in Germany and work in Switzerland. That makes me kind of a Nomad and I feel that is why I also can talk from experience about moving around.

The most difficult for me was the logistical part when it come to taking your household stuff with you.

A tip for those of you who is not emotionally attached to stuff. Get rid of it! Seriously, sell it, dump it, burn it or throw it away if you do not really want the hell of a had ache.

If there is no other choice, well than you will probably need to carry it with you. In my case the first time I moved away from London I did it by car. Packed all the stuff we had and drove down for 3-4 days.

Will continue on this post at some later point.

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